Creating Classrooms Where Young Children Thrive

Presenter: Dr. Susan H. Landry, Founder and Director of the Children’s Learning Institute

Support Pre-K Educators with High-Quality, Video-Based Professional Learning


All children deserve the chance to thrive. Pre-K educators need a deep understanding – with visual examples – of developmentally appropriate instructional practices that address the unique learning needs of pre-K students.

Join this hour-long webinar with Dr. Susan Landry – a nationally recognized expert in early childhood education – as we discuss the impact that video-based professional learning can have on educators to create classrooms where young children thrive.

We’ll explore:

  • What successful pre-K classrooms look like
  • Why the concept of Planful, Purposeful, Playful classrooms matters
  • How video-based professional learning programs prepare pre-K educators to run classrooms with rich learning experiences for children
  • Examples of research-to-practice activities teachers can use in the classroom