Features Summary

August 17, 2015 Software Release

Below are brief descriptions of the enhancements to Teachscape Reflect included in the August 17 software release.

Enhanced Design

Wherever possible, we’ve reduced the number of clicks to view and navigate the system. The system’s design is also more predictable and consistent, with clearer paths between tasks and an intuitive interface.

  • Updated icons indicates task type, allowing educators to identify forms, artifacts and observations quickly
  • Status icons display the status of individual tasks, showing which tasks are complete, submitted, in progress or not started
  • Avatars denote responsibility for a given task, making it easier to differentiate practitioner tasks from tasks to be completed by the evaluator

Evaluations Dashboard

For evaluators, the Reflect landing page serves as a powerful dashboard that accounts for any assigned evaluation plan in one comprehensive view. For any given organization, evaluators can:

  • Ascertain status for each practitioner’s activity and task
  • Search for practitioners
  • Link directly to any practitioner’s page, activity, and task
  • Filter by specific evaluation plans

Practitioner Page

Evaluators and practitioners use practitioner pages to engage in and manage individual evaluation plans, formative assessments, and walkthroughs. From the practitioner page, educators can:

  • Access any part of an evaluation plan
  • Ascertain status of evaluation-related activities and tasks
  • Schedule observations and conferences
  • Upload and view artifacts
  • Access Walkthroughs and Formative Activities


Reflect 2015 includes a new calendar feature allowing evaluators to schedule and keep track of all evaluation-related events for each evaluation plan.

Accessible from practitioner pages under a dedicated tab (), the calendar view includes a month view populated with scheduled events and scheduling options for corresponding activities and tasks. At the evaluation overview level, the calendar shows all scheduled and unscheduled events for a given evaluation plan.

Any scheduled event includes the option to send an email notification to the task assignee that includes a calendar (.ics) file. The scheduled event will also populate the assignee’s calendar in the Reflect system.

Sharing “In Progress” Tasks

Reflect 2015 now allows task owners to share “In Progress” tasks with others associated with those tasks. The sharing feature activates once a task owner begins that task.