Video Hardware

Capturing all the interactions that happen in a classroom can be challenging.

Teachscape video hardware works on mobile devices to make classroom video capture simpler.

  • Swivl

    Swivl captures instructional practice in the round, providing 360 degrees of classroom video coverage. Swivl video is then integrated into the Teachscape Effectiveness Platform, enabling meaningful feedback, self-reflection, and collaboration.

    • New ways to see and reflect on classroom practice

      Video provides educators with new ways to see, reflect on, and collaborate on their practice without sacrificing valuable classroom time. Video captures nuances of teaching that may be hard to observe in the moment or poorly remembered later. Observing video directs a deeper understanding of what is working and what could work better with students.

      Teachscape partnered with Swivl so that educators can use the Swivl Robot with the Teachscape Effectiveness Platform. Educators control Swivl through mobile devices, capturing their own instructional practices in the classroom, and then upload the video. Within the platform, educators receive meaningful feedback, engage in self-reflection, and collaborate and share best practices with colleagues.

      Swivl provides full 360-degree range of motion, giving educators a complete picture of what is happening in the classroom. The camera follows teachers as they move around and interact with students, stops to focus on whiteboards when needed, and even scans rooms on command to capture groups and whiteboards.

    • Capture the full range of classroom activity and interaction

      How does Swivl work?

      The Swivl Robot works with any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet and follows the movement of a small device called a marker, which can held in your hand or worn on a lanyard. The marker has a built-in microphone and buttons that stop, start, and pause recording and tracking. Additional markers can be used as microphones to capture student conversations and interactions.

    • Automatically upload videos to the Teachscape platform

      iPhone and iPad users can use the Teachscape video mini-capture app to automatically upload video to the Teachscape platform.

    • Get started quickly with specially designed classroom kits

      Designed for use in classroom settings, the Swivl Classroom Bundle includes all the components needed to quickly capture the full ranges of classroom interactions.

      Each Classroom Bundle contains:

      • Swivl Robot
      • 2 markers with lanyards
      • Lightweight, compact carrying case
      • Adjustable floor stand
      • Lightning charge/sync cable
  • Teachscape Mini Kits

    Teachscape mini kits, available for iPhone and iPad, allow educators to capture video and high-quality audio of small-group work, meetings, and classroom discussion. The kit includes a sturdy stand, a professional-grade condenser microphone, and an attachable wide-angle lens.

    • Mini Camera Kit for iPhone

      The Mini Camera Kit is compact, unobtrusive, and ideal for capturing video of small-group work, individualized learning activities, and professional learning community meetings.

      Mini pairs with iPhone and iPod touch devices (sold separately), and includes an attachable wide-angle lens to capture classroom work as well.

      Mini Camera Kit Components

      • Wide-angle lens attaches to iPhone or iPod touch
      • Professional-grade condenser microphone
      • Adjustable tabletop tripod
      • Portable protective case
    • Mini Tablet Kit

      Mini Tablet Kit makes it easy to capture video from the classroom using an iPad, even in areas without a network connection.

      With an adjustable stand, high-quality microphone, and attachable wide-angle lens, teachers can capture video for a variety of purposes.

      Mini Tablet Kit Components

      • Wide-angle lens attaches to iPad
      • Professional-grade condenser microphone
      • Adjustable tabletop stand magnetically supports iPad
      • Portable protective case