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Engage educators in active, video­-rich professional learning experiences that build skills, foster collaboration, and nurture a culture of growth and reflective practice

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A comprehensive, video rich professional learning system, Teachscape Learn provides tools for educators to build new skills, reflect on practice, collaborate with colleagues, and learn from experts.

Implement a culture of active learning

Learn supports ongoing, active learning cycles that incorporate self-reflection, in-classroom application, and timely feedback to identify areas for growth.

Learn provides educators with over 170 research to practice pre K–12 courses, 250 video exemplars of authentic classroom practice, online learning communities, video upload and sharing tools, and personalized learning plans.

Teachscape’s courses, videos, and tools develop and empower educators at all stages of their careers, from teacher preparation and induction to ongoing professional learning and educator leadership development.


  • Online courses
  • Individual learning plans
  • Video channels
  • Video capture and upload
  • Team learning management
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With one system, districts can manage and track professional development while providing teachers with research-based, collaborative learning.

  • Online Courses

    Teachscape’s professional learning courses enable educators to develop and apply effective teaching and leadership strategies based on their individual needs. 170 courses with more than 1,500 videos and thousands of research-to-practice resources provide teaching examples that demonstrate new strategies educators can put into practice in their classrooms the next day.

    • From Research to the Classroom

      What does it look like to apply the latest research findings to classroom practice?

      Teachscape courses provide educators with instructional strategies and practices they can immediately apply in the classroom. Courses include:

      • Videos of authentic classroom practice, educator reflection, and expert commentary
      • Classroom artifacts such as lesson plans and student work
      • Practical tips and guidelines to implement strategies
      • Activities that reinforce learning and promote reflection on its application in the classroom

      Firmly grounded in research, the Professional Learning Suite was designed in partnership with more than 100 leading experts including Charlotte Danielson, Kenji Hakuta, Jay McTighe, and Grant Wiggins.

    • Professional Learning Suite


      Educators can master a wide range of instructional strategies and practice in key subject and competency areas. The Professional Learning Suite includes 160 courses grouped into nine series:

      • Common Core State Standards in Math and ELA
      • Competency-Based Learning
      • Data-Driven Instruction
      • Effective Instructional Strategies
      • Elementary Science
      • English Language Learner
      • Literacy
      • Mathematics
      • New Teacher Support

      Download the Professional Learning Suite catalog.

    • Early Childhood Series


      Developed by experts in the field of early childhood development including Dr. Susan Landry of the Children’s Learning Institute, the Early Childhood Series provides the training and support pre-K educators need to prepare each child for kindergarten and beyond.

      15 courses with over 300 videos provide research-to-practice in four key areas:

      • Essential Early Learning Strategies
      • Emerging Literacy
      • Math Development
      • Leading and Mentoring Effective Early Learning

      Download the Early Childhood Series catalog.

  • Individual Learning Plans

    Learning plans empower educators to set goals, track progress, and plan and organize professional learning opportunities.

    Educators, instructional leaders, and coaches work individually and collaboratively to add goals and courses to personalized professional learning plans based on educator self-assessment and feedback from observation and evaluation activities.

    Learning plans monitor progress towards goals and allow educators to enter notes to update progress and provide opportunities for leaders and coaches to provide feedback to educators.

  • Collaboration

    Teachscape Learn collaboration tools enable ongoing feedback and learning across distances 24/7.

    Educators engage with peers and share best practices in online communities centered on common interests and targeted needs. With discussion forums, wikis, and community Q&A, educators can collaborate anytime.

    Communities provide public spaces to enable organization-wide collaboration on strategic initiatives, exclusive forums for professional learning communities, and private venues for individual coaching.

    Colleagues can recommend course offerings and share articles, lesson plans, and artifacts.

  • Video Channels

    Video has revolutionized educators’ ability to observe what good teaching practices look like. As a tool for self-reflection, video lets educators see what their students see every day. Coaches and mentors use video to assess learning and provide constructive feedback. Districts, states, and teacher preparation programs can create best practice exemplars and collaborative training programs.


    • Incorporate video in professional learning

      Teachscape channels provide access to a library of 250 videos of best-practice teaching, expert commentary, and unedited classroom footage that educators can share and use to create video clips for their own collection. Videos can be used for online collaboration as well as for in-person professional learning.

      Videos are organized by subject, grade, instructional strategy, keyword, and featured expert so you can easily find relevant materials.

    • Expand capacity with organization video channels

      Organizations can use Teachscape Video Channels to curate community-driven libraries of best practices that educators can watch, share, and comment on. Locally defined keywords and frameworks allow educators to search for clips that are directly relevant to their topics of interest.

    • Create personal video collections

      Individual educators can store and organize their own collection of videos. Videos that colleagues, coaches, or instructional leaders recommend or share are automatically added to these collections for easy access.

    • Establish a safe place for self-reflection

      Video channels provide a secure, private space for educators to upload and review videos and associated artifacts. Educators can share individual videos and clips with colleagues and leaders for coaching and evaluation purposes.

  • Team Learning Management & Reporting

    Teachscape Learn provides instructional leaders with a range of resources to manage, track, and evaluate professional learning activities across teams, sites, and organizations.

    • Manage goals and learning

      Learn provides instructional leaders with the ability to manage professional learning at the individual, team, and organization levels. Using Teachscape Learn leaders can:

      • Add goals or assign learning for individuals and teams
      • Track registrations and coursework completion
      • Add or remove content for individuals or the whole group
      • Activate learning plans
      • Mark learning as complete
      • Measure course enrollment, completion, and time spent individually or across the organization


Teachscape's full- and half-day training sessions help new users start using Teachscape Learn and learn how to use the system effectively in their daily work.

With face-to-face and webinar options, this interactive training is tailored to the group attending: teachers, instructional and district leaders, and mixed groups. Half-day face-to-face training sessions can be provided for up to two cohorts per day.

General Product Training

Teachers, instructional leaders, and district leaders: Through a tour of examples in Teachscape Learn Academy, participants discover how Learn can be leveraged to enhance the growth and development of teachers or school or district leaders. Participants discover how to navigate Learn, search and explore course content, create a professional learning plan, build online communities, and discover the many uses of video.

Format: 3 hours of facilitated face-to-face training (two sessions per day) or a 3-hour webinar.

Group size: Cohort of up to 25 participants.

Learn Video Training

  • Full-day training for teachers, instructional leaders, and district leaders: Participants explore Learn video channels and learn how to capture, upload, and organize videos. Session includes best practices for video capture and implementation planning tips for establishing video practice in participants' schools.
  • Half-day training for teachers, instructional leaders, and district leaders: Participants explore Learn video channels and learn how to capture, upload, and organize videos.

Format: Facilitated face-to-face training (two sessions per day for half-day option)

Group size: Cohort of up to 25 participants

Higher Ed

Deepen professional growth by making instructional concepts come alive in research-based online courses and strengthen reflective practice and coaching with video.

Online courses

  • Links theory and practice by showing specific instructional concepts and best practices in action with videos from real-life classrooms
  • Immerses candidates in topics relevant to today’s classroom through timely, research-based content developed in partnership with experts
  • Flip the classroom and enable more in-depth discussions and hands-on application of new knowledge with online modules available anytime, anywhere
  • Address individual learning needs in an immediate, accessible way that’s less expensive than textbooks
  • Engage faculty and mentor teachers with their professional growth by keeping them up to date on what’s happening in K–12

Video Capture and Upload

  • Encourage self-reflection with easy capture and upload of classroom video
  • Enable candidates to get the most out of field experiences by sharing videos of their student teaching with faculty, peers and mentors for richer feedback
  • Incorporate video observations into class discussions, homework or library of best practices

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Teachscape's video technology has improved the way administrators and teachers interact during the observation and evaluation process.Monica Jordan, Coordinator, Shelby County Schools