Using Video for Teacher Development

Over 70% of teachers believe technology can increase professional development effectiveness.* Video can facilitate each key part of the process by helping teachers review lesson structures, collaborate, and build relevant skills. The Center for American Progress cites 3 keys to effective teacher professional development:

  • Job-embedded: Specific to individual needs and grounded in day-to-day teaching practice
  • Collaborative: Regular opportunities to learn from other teachers and experts within and across schools, grades and subjects
  • Ongoing with feedback: Cycles of active learning where teachers apply new skills, receive timely feedback, reflect, and try again

We all know teaching can feel isolating. Video is a great way to open classroom doors and promote collaborative reflective practices. We designed Teachscape’s product suite with this in mind.

Check out this recorded webinar featuring Jim Knight describing what to do and what to avoid to ensure that video is implemented in a way that makes a real, positive difference in teaching and ultimately for students.

Learn how Teachscape products support teacher development

Teachscape camera kits make recording video easy.
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Teachscape Learn video channels provide a dynamic environment to facilitate professional development:

  • Easily record instructional techniques and share with colleagues
  • Comment on each other’s videos for lesson study, coaching, or mentoring
  • Create video channels at the individual and district levels to establish custom libraries of best practices and explore our own Teachscape Channels of best practices

*The Parthenon Group Education Practice; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (2.13.2012). 'Targeted Research on Users of iPD: Key Learnings'.