Master scored videos deepen understanding of the Framework for Teaching

Video clarifies expectations for effective teaching

A common understanding of what different levels of teaching look like requires not just knowledge of the rubric but specific, evidence-based examples of teaching practice at each level. Over 300 master scored videos in Teachscape Focus provide a high level of precision in training educators on the Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument, removing the risk of misinterpretation that is present when using the written rubric alone. All of this is done through videos of authentic classroom instruction scored by veteran educational experts and supported by clear, detailed rationales. These master scored videos support observers in conducting high-caliber, more exact observations, and aid teachers in getting a deeper understanding of what effective teaching looks like.

The following infographic outlines the process Teachscape uses to create master scored videos from initial classroom capture to use by observers and teachers in fostering common understanding of the FFT.

The Creation of a Master Scored Video in Teachscape Focus