Focusing on High-Quality Instruction in Pre-K Classrooms

Effective instructional leaders understand the importance of early childhood education

A school leader's focus must remain on high-quality instruction. It is all too easy to lose sight of the fact that teachers are the most important influence on children in the school environment. In order to build a quality program, school leaders must be able to recognize quality instruction in the pre–K classroom.

Hear Dr. Susan H. Landry – an expert in early childhood education – discuss why a school leader's focus must remain on high-quality instruction.

Not only is it critical that teachers have access to high-quality instruction, it’s also important that school leaders use this same instruction to gain a better understanding of what should be happening in these classrooms.

This means being able to recognize:

  • what an engaging, responsive teacher should be doing
  • how a successful pre-K classroom looks in terms of organization
  • what social interactions should be going on between students and teachers

School leaders need to understand how all the literacy, language building, book reading, math, science and content areas may be embedded in instructional activities.

This knowledge, combined with an understanding of the importance of early childhood instruction to a child’s learning, makes visiting pre-K classrooms for walkthroughs and observations that much more rewarding.

About Teachscape's Early Childhood Series

Developed by experts in the field of early childhood development, including Dr. Susan Landry of the Children's Learning Institute, Teachscape’s Early Childhood Series provides training and support for pre-K teachers to adequately prepare each child for kindergarten and beyond.