Video feedback fuels self-improvement and captures progress over time

Texas Tech University | Lubbock, TX

The use of video for professional learning has been extremely beneficial for our teacher candidates, college faculty, and partnering school districts.
Dr. Doug HammanAssociate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction Director of Teacher Education

Video revitalizes teacher education 

Texas Tech University’s Teacher Preparation Program adopted Teachscape to capture, upload, comment on, and share video of teacher candidates. The use of video improves the instructional feedback provided to teacher candidates throughout the program, and has revitalized the teaching and learning culture in the teacher-ed program.

Video observations sharpen focus of students and instructors 

The use of the Teachscape technology has propelled the program toward achieving two important goals. 

First, the use of video makes it possible for teacher candidates to observe their own instructional practices and identify specific areas for refinement. 

Second, faculty members are able to use candidates’ video over time to identify patterns across the program, and modify instruction and curriculum to improve outcomes for teacher candidates. 

The net result of these actions has been a clearer focus on clinical practice. In fact, graduating candidates are often recruited by the same schools where they performed their student teaching.