Shifting the focus from administration to effective instructional leadership

Syracuse City School District | Syracuse, NY

Teachscape Focus changed our focus from being a manager in a building to becoming an instructional leader and really looking at classroom practices.Dean DeSantis Principal

District commits to ambitious goals

Syracuse City School District’s vision to become the most improved urban school district in the nation led to a 5-year strategic plan designed to dramatically improve students’ academic performance. To assist with the plan and help meet new teacher evaluation state mandates, the district is implementing Teachscape’s teacher evaluation, professional learning, and talent management technologies.

Trust in results cultivates a culture of continual improvement

The collective use of these technologies is allowing the district to begin conducting evaluations consistently, to provide teachers with data-driven feedback, and to engage its entire staff in meaningful professional conversations, ultimately creating a culture grounded in ongoing, robust professional development, all of which is expected to help drive student outcomes and achievement.