Creating a transparent, learning-focused environment

Swartz Creek Community Schools | Swartz Creek, MI

We are all about creating a transparent, learning-focused environment, and Teachscape helps us achieve this. Adam Hartley Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

Administrators and teachers invest in the evaluation process 

To ensure effective teacher evaluations that inform professional learning, Swartz Creek Community Schools knew they needed a process that demonstrated administrators' proficiency in conducting observations of teaching. Equally important, the district needed a process to connect evaluation results with ongoing professional learning for teachers.

Shared expectations spur improvements

To address this challenge, the district adopted Teachscape Focus to train administrators on conducting accurate and consistent observations of teaching based on the Framework for Teaching, and to help teacher understand the framework by which they are being evaluated. The district’s administrators additionally use Teachscape Reflect to conduct and manage teacher evaluations, and then work collaboratively with teachers on data-driven professional development based on the evaluations. Together, they discuss areas of strengths and weaknesses and work toward instructional improvement.