Shelby County teachers embrace video to improve evaluations, coaching and lesson analysis

Shelby County Schools | Memphis, TN

Teachscape's video technology has improved the way administrators and teachers interact during the observation and evaluation process.Monica JordanTeacher and Leader Development Manager

Video solution goes viral in Tennessee schools

To help drive teacher improvement, Shelby County Schools (formerly known as Memphis City Schools) adopted Teachscape video solution as part of the district's ongoing commitment to use video as an integral, embedded part of the district’s culture of professional learning.

After being introduced to Teachscape's technology as a participant in the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) project, the district implemented Teachscape’s video capture and sharing solution in each of its schools. Teachers and administrators use the technology in a variety of ways, from evaluations, coaching, and self-reflection to co-teaching and lesson analysis.

Using video as an observation tool quickly went viral in Shelby County Schools. More importantly, teachers recognize the value of using video to improve their effectiveness.