Hartford equips itself to implement robust teacher evaluations and continuous learning

Hartford Public Schools | Hartford, CT

Teachscape provides us with the tools needed to implement a robust teacher evaluation system that supports continuous professional learning.Dr. Scott NicolExecutive Director of Performance Management

Tools to develop and retain highly effective teachers

Committed to the success of each of its 1,800 educators, Hartford Public Schools partnered with Teachscape to embark on a large-scale technology-enabled teacher evaluation and professional learning initiative. This comprehensive undertaking ensures that each school in the urban Connecticut district has the tools needed to help develop and retain highly effective teachers.

Meaningful conversations about practice

Hartford principals are using the Teachscape Focus online observation training and assessment system to ensure fair and reliable teacher evaluations using Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching. Administrators and teachers then use the Teachscape Reflect evaluation and observation system to conduct and manage evaluations. This system enables teachers and administrators to engage in meaningful conversations about teaching practice and to create individualized learning plans for ongoing professional growth in Teachscape Learn.