Evaluating teachers and administrators fosters collaborative professional development

Eatontown Public Schools | Eatontown, NJ

With Teachscape Reflect, we meaningfully and purposefully use data to inform professional practice at both the teacher and principal levels.Scott T. McCueSuperintendent

Sharing evaluation processes yields common lessons

To create a cycle of continuous improvement of instructional practices for all its educators, and to meet state mandates, Eatontown Public Schools was searching for technology-enabled tools to conduct and manage teacher and principal evaluation processes. The district realized that data-driven evaluations would be essential to informing ongoing professional learning and dialogue.

A common language for educators and administrators

The district implemented the Teachscape Reflect Observation and Evaluation Management System, the Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching for teacher evaluations, and the Multidimensional Principal Performance Rubric for principal evaluations, to meet this need. Teachscape Reflect has helped the district better identify educators’ strengths and development areas, share instructional best practices district-wide, and discuss classroom instruction in a more meaningful way.

All stakeholders now engage in ongoing, collaborative professional development. Because evaluations are conducted at both the teacher and administrative level, the process has fostered a shared sense of responsibility and collective focus on professional growth across the district. Teachers and administrators are using a common language to promote conversations and create plans focused on how to improve student learning and achievement.