Reliable teacher evaluations create a cycle of continuous professional learning

Central York School District | York, PA

Teachscape provides us with the tools to help our teachers grow professionally and feel empowered in their teaching.Robert GroveAssistant Superintendent

New tools make evaluation consistent and efficient

To meet new state mandates, Central York School District was looking for a comprehensive evaluation system focused on teacher effectiveness. The district wanted to ensure that all evaluations were done in a collaborative and consistent way to improve teaching outcomes. In order to do this, as well as to improve the efficiency of conducting and tracking evaluations district-wide, it needed technology-based tools and a consistent use of a research-based framework.

Reliable results build trust and collaboration

The district implemented the Teachscape Focus Observation Training and Assessment System and the Teachscape Reflect Observation and Evaluation Management System to assist with the process. Administrators and teachers, trained to use the Framework for Teaching to ensure fair and reliable teacher evaluations, can now confidently inform the district’s ongoing, collaborative professional learning. These tools allow educators to engage in more meaningful conversations and foster a continuous cycle of professional learning.