Philadelphia teachers stand out with data-driven best practices

Archdiocese of Philadelphia | Philadelphia, PA

It’s important to stay ahead of the curve and improve instruction, so we decided to use Teachscape Reflect classroom walkthrough tools to determine where we were and where we needed to be.Carol A. Cary Director of Secondary Curriculum Instruction

New solutions keep teachers at forefront of teaching methods

In a highly-competitive educational landscape, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia wanted to bring their instructional and classroom management methods in alignment with best practices so they could stand out among the many schools in the area.

The Archdiocese partnered with Teachscape to implement the classroom walkthrough tool. This provided a clear, objective picture of classroom instruction so teachers and administrators could have better informed professional learning discussions. With Teachscape’s help, the Archdiocese was able to bring its teachers, who formerly used a traditional large-group, teacher-directed instructional approach, into the age of data-driven student action.